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With that I can replace Moen shower faucet drips permanently?

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Moen shower faucet – If your faucet drips constantly shower, tub or shower can begin to show growth of mold and mildew due to moisture conditions caused by water dripping. To avoid this, you must stop the source of the leak. All Moen faucets have a part that needs to be replaced when the shower is still leaking.

  1. Cartridge Replacement

When the shower leaks, it means that the cartridge in the faucet body is damaged and needs replacing. The cartridge is a small cylinder, round with two rotating discs that allow the water through the shower. When the sealed cartridge capacity is lost due to a scratch on one disk, or a crack in the manifold, this part should be replaced. It is a sealed portion, so that the repair only one disk is impossible.

  1. Removal Cartridge

To replace a Moen shower faucet cartridge, remove the water in your home. Find the valve of water on the main line of water and turn it clockwise to close. Next, remove the faucet handle in water by loosening the screw on the handle and pulling the lever back and out of the shower wall. Unscrew the mounting screw adapter, which is located under the lever and remove this part. Remove the tube kit stop pulling it back and turn off the tap. Remove the cartridge clip with pliers and slide the cartridge faucet base.

  1. How to Repair a Moen shower faucet mixer

The single lever Moen shower faucets are long lasting and easy to repair. The cartridge can be difficult to lift and push down hard due to mineral deposits water or loss of lubrication. To repair your Moen single-handle faucet, you must disarm to expose the cartridge, replace the cartridge and reassemble the faucet.


  1. Pry and pull out the plastic cap to expose the handle screw. Loosen the screw and remove the handle. If the screw is smooth and cannot be removed, drill the screw or break the handle and buy a replacement.
  2. Remove the screws from the shield plate (the round metal plate that rests behind the handle) and remove the plate.
  3. You will see a string of steel cartridges with a notch pointing up. Strip this necklace by hand.
  4. Is U hook holding the cartridge in place? With needle nose pliers, pull the hook U up and out.
  5. Using tongs, remove the cartridge. If the cartridge is stuck, stronger kicks and going out.

6. Using a paper towel or cloth, clean sediment within the cartridge housing. Lubricate the cartridge replacement plumbing grease or the supplied lubricant. Back to the moen shower faucet and the cartridge back together, making sure to install the cartridge collar with notch upward to the shower head.

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