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Why my waterless toilet level

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A toilet water level is normally maintained at the same level until it downloads, quickly returning to its normal level. Some problems with the toilet can cause the waterless toilet level, as your habits of use. You may have to review multiple possibilities to solve the mystery of the disappearance of water.

Vent cracked

The trap is located below the toilet and bent to store water inside, and can see some cups aside. The toilet bowl and base are made ​​of porcelain, which can easily crack. Strong flows, contact heavy or sharp objects and changes in water temperature when pouring hot in the container may cause the porcelain to crack. Once this happens the trap of the waterless toilet, because the water can escape. The leak will reduce the water level in the toilet too.


If you have a pet at home, the source water level decline in your toilet bowl may be due to her using the toilet to drink. While the idea that your pet drink from the cup may seem harmless, that fall in the water can drain the trap of partial or completely odorless. With dry trap, there is nothing standing in the way of gas down the sewer drain line up in the toilet bowl and your bathroom, filling the bathroom with a toxic gas that can burn suddenly.


If you do not use the bathroom regularly, the water level would fall only by evaporation. The humidity level in your home will determine how quickly the water level in the toilet bowl will be reduced. The drier the air, the faster the evaporation takes place. Flush the toilet more regularly maintain normal water level of the bowl.


A partial blockage of toilet paper in the toilet area of ​​the trap can lead to drain the waterless toilet from the bowl. When the toilet paper sits on a bend in the trap of the toilet, down the passage to the drain pipe in the floor, it will bring the water slowly drain trap of the toilet and the toilet. Using a plunger, you can force the partial obstruction out of the toilet and down the drain pipe in the floor where it belongs. First you have to flush the toilet so that the water level in the bowl back to normal. You ought to pump the plunger a couple of dozen times to remove the partial.

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