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What to look for in a purple shower curtain

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Purple shower curtain – As a well-chosen in the living room, carpet suitable shower curtain can match the design of a bathroom. It takes into account a number of criteria such as the length, color and material before you start shopping to minimize the chances of buying a bathroom curtain attractive but unsuitable for your bathroom.

The choice of color and pattern shower curtain

Work with the elements in your bathroom to decide what purple shower curtain to buy. For example, if the soil is composed of black 1 inch (2.5 cm) blue-green tiles and you have two elements to boost search: a feature focal point already busy guy and a combination of colors. Discover a shower curtain in white solid color or slightly darker or lighter tone of that tile version. You can also try to match the color exactly. If you have fabric and in the bathroom, such as towels, rugs or curtains, look for a color that matches the fabric. If the other fabrics and surfaces in the room are clear or solid color, add visual interest to your shower curtain. Choose a shade with large graphical model.

Stunts design shower curtain

You can also use the purple shower curtain to improve one of the weaknesses of the design of your bathroom. For example, a small bathroom becomes smaller even if a shower curtain is added; to counter this, use a solid color that suits your walls, which will make the curtain away visually. You can also use just a light coating curtain to open space. Directs the eye upward with a shower curtain vertical pattern to increase the height of a bathroom with a low ceiling. If you want to make a cavernous room, and cozy cold, choose a shower curtain with an active pattern in warm, bold colors.

Length and width of the shower curtain

While shower curtains work well for standard length bathrooms with standard ceilings, curtains seem out of every proportion in bathrooms rich in ceilings. Buy a shower curtain to match the extra height in space. Shop online to find the length longer than 72 inches (1.82 m), such as 84 inches (2.10 m) and 96 inches (2.45 m) curtains. If you find the perfect purple shower curtain, but it’s too short, add a strip of fabric on the bottom to extend it. An extra-large shower and separate bath with shower require additional shower curtain width; Buy two of a similar shade to solve this concern.

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