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Types of custom showers ideas for bathrooms

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Options for designing a bathroom are more numerous than ever. A bathroom is no longer just a place to quickly wash in the morning or evening. It can also be a place to rest for the day, relax and enjoy the personalized luxuries that were once available in a single family, such as hot tubs, saunas and custom showers residence. Visually, many homeowners are also opting for custom designing their bathrooms with different materials to the standard options, such as tiling, lighting and custom vanities.

Custom Shower

When remodeling or building a new bathroom, the shower is a place where the custom attributes are plentiful. With new showerheads, numerous sizes and shapes are available. They can be built into the bathroom wall or independently. The colors for ceramic or stone tiling for walls ranging from light to dark blue for the geometric or swirl patterns cream. Doors can be glazed; block, stamped, ceramic or solid and can slide or open from the inside out. Goodies shower accessories could include multiple custom showers heads with different configurations and height of the water, attached seats, steam units and more. The shower could also include a tub with whirlpool jets. When choosing your shower tiling to decide if you want this to be on the floor and / or walls.

Because of its relative simplicity, the custom showers without frame are suitable for particular applications. The walls can be oriented at a range of angles and curves to fit in awkward or unusual spaces, and the disposition of the walls may be arranged to add seating and other accessories. Visually opening up walls frameless makes tight spaces seem lighter and bigger, and the lines of clear vision help to highlight the high quality materials and accessories, making these showers are especially appropriate bathroom designs high end and contemporary.


Building showers frameless design imposes certain limitations. The frameless doors without joints between wall panels are susceptible to leakage, so the shower sprays must be directed away from these areas. The seating surfaces and curbs shower should be sloped so that water runs off them into the shower and the angle where finished walls of glass doors unite and walls should be as close to 90 degrees as possible to protect against leaks and ensure proper operation of the door. The custom showers design is flexible walls, but all glass panels must be at least four inches wide (10.1 centimeters).

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