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The disadvantages of frameless sliding shower doors

Aug 14, 2014 BY Leave a comment

All Files decorating bathrooms are filled with magazine clippings, brochures and photos of baths you love. Most of the items on your list are determined, but remain broken due to the possibility of buying a frameless sliding shower doors. On one hand, nothing is as luxurious as a thick door that seems to float in the shower entrance. On the other hand, even a small piece of soap can loom large on a transparent surface, especially one that has a higher price.

They cost a small fortune

Not only the most complicated engineering but also the crystal must be of a substantial thickness so it can operate smoothly outside the frame that holds the thinner panels coated metal stabilization. Think hard enough and if your bathroom renovation will be done to put your home on the market. There is a possibility that never recover the extra money to invest in the project of remodeling your bathroom if you choose frameless sliding shower doors, especially if you are past the budget when you compare the original estimate with the account that you are having-yet.

Requires installation by an expert

It’s all about balance when cutting thick glass is mounted on the device that allows pivot smoothly when opened and repeatedly coal time. Helping hands without plumbing credentials regularly replace or install a frame of 50 pounds (25 kg) using basic tools and enough sense to place and secure the components, but on the other hand, frameless sliding shower doors without frames weigh much needed TLC and EXP experience- which have to do the installation work fine. In most cases, the experience is a more expensive fee.

There is no guarantee that you have no water leaks

Even the installation of all the beautiful glass doors tends to have more loss of water than a framed door. The fact is frameless sliding shower doors do not “sell” well. There is no way to install magnetic clamps and rubber strips that prevent even the best shower do not leak there, here and everywhere. On average, there is a 1/4 inch (0.6 cm) between the door and the wall in a frameless shower installation that cannot be avoided. The hinges must stand on a 90, 135 or 180 degrees when the door is closed, so it is impossible to prevent some water leaking from the slot, even if you have a contractor that really knows his stuff.

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