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The best designs of shabby chic shower curtains

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Shabby chic shower curtains – The curtains are highly visible elements of room decor. The choice of treatment of dramatic or demure window will help you determine the personality of a room. Unusual, imaginative or even stellar ideas can guarantee a window treatment that is highlighted. The photo-reproduction technology, skill with paper and scissors, luxurious fabrics and a sense of humor all contribute to the designs of successful and satisfactory shade.

  1. Funny Curtains

An old lace tablecloth (even one that is not in optimal conditions) makes a perfect shade on a shabby chic shower curtains or lounge Victorian imitation. If privacy is an issue, adds a solid shadow behind the curtain. Otherwise, just enjoy the play of light in the shade when the sun falls through the lace pattern. The rooms are great places for teen’s curtains with printed accounts scenes in them. Wood grain panels or bamboo now come with surfboards, hula dancers, cars, flowers and other designs painted. The curtains make a snap of satisfaction when moved by a breeze (can be used on doors too). The shower curtains of holiday can be a variation on the paper snowflake. Long rows of snowflakes cut out of paper on white or red hanging in a window on vacation. Backlit at night sent public flashing lights on the patio. During the day, the sun sends interesting patterns in the room and the rest of the decor.

  1. Shower curtains

The curtains shower defines a bathroom, or reveal the personality of the decorator. They can also be an aid for continuing education. A classical treatment is the shower curtain fabric, backed a plastic liner. The material is either waterproof or just something fabulous found on the district web or online. Cottons and linens patterned or striped fabric options are popular and often just pull the curtains of the window, with fastening hooks on the wall. A less traditional curtain could be a world map for a geography lesson while you shower. A favorite photograph can be reproduced in a shabby chic shower curtains clear plastic. Rows and rows of gold or clown fishes in clear shade orange Koi are a nice touch on shower curtains in the bathroom. The curtain rubber ducky is a classic bath child.

We invite you to look at our 15 shabby chic shower curtains in the photo gallery. Bound to find many ideas to adapt to yours.

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