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Size of corner showers stall

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Corner showers – A shower stall is installed directly on the corner of your bathroom, or other room with plumbing for a shower stalls. This type of shower stall is ideal for small spaces because it does not take up much of the wall. If you need to save space, corner showers stall is the best choice, and there is one for your need.

Small corner showers

For very small bathrooms in homes with limited place, small corner showers stall system is perfect and sometimes a necessity. The smaller shower stalls come in sizes of less than 3 square feet (0.27 square meters); some units are 32 square inches (2.06 square meters), sometimes giving the user enough room to turn on the shower and no more. Use this type of shower stall save place, but cannot provide the best experience to the user.

Corner Shower midsize

Another option for those areas where there is a bit more room, a shower stall of average size is usually a better choice. These units range from 36 to 42 square inches (2.32 to 2.70 square meters). There are extra place to shower stall in these positions, while limiting the impact of the space in the room. Since the shower is in the corner, you will use only a portion of the connected walls where the shower is placed. If you also have a bathtub in the shower, the shower of medium size is a good choice.

Large showers

Large showers stall reach 72 square inches (4.64 square meters). Here you have enough room for all situations. This provides 6 feet (1.82 meters) of space on any address for the user to swim without bumping into walls. A shower stall of this size only the bathrooms where there is a shower and a toilet, shower steals as much space is placed. These showers corner still occupy a limited number of spaces given that they wear a corner.

Additional Considerations

If you really need to save space, consider corner showers stall built to save place. The corner posts offer a neo-angle (diagonal or corner where the user enters the shower) requires less square space. In this case, the corner of the shower does not extend to the center of the room. Therefore, the shower will fit into the wall opposite the toilet or bathroom cabinets and sink without disturbing the need to use these utilities space.

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