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Simple and Minimalist Style for Single Wide Mobile Home Floor Plans

Jul 20, 2014 BY Leave a comment

mobile homes floor plans double wide

Single wide mobile home floor plans are always minimalist and simple, but can contain the essential and important elements that should exist in a home. Usually, it appears with one bedroom and one bathroom, dining room is inserted in the kitchen and the living room will be placed in the center of the home which make the whole flooring plans are organized and functional.

But, you will find single wide mobile home floor plans 3 bedroom which appears with two bathrooms and other important rooms like kitchen, dining room and living room. Since this plan usually comes with 16 feet in width and 48 – 76 feet long which means that you need to ensure that each room is allocated well because the numbers of certain rooms are doubled.

Still, single wide mobile home floor plans come with 16 feet in width and 48 – 76 feet long which mean that you will need to ensure your need with the room options that you want, so that the floor plans will be organized and allocated well and all the important rooms in your mobile home. When you have family more than 2 people, then go with the bigger size of your floor plans.

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