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How toilets work when the tank empties it self?

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How toilets work – When your toilet is working properly, a rubber stopper known as flap when you pull the string opens, allowing the water to drain the tank, and then back into place so that the tank can be filled. If your tank is empty by itself, there may be a problem with the fin or tank is likely to be loose or broken. The sound of the valve and off by activating or running nonstop intervals usually alert you of the problem.

Toilet Flapper

When you flush the toilets work, a chain attached to the handle lifts a rubber stopper called fin out of the siphon tube at the bottom of the tank where it sits. The fin has a rounded bottom to fit in the tube, and has two lugs which engage rubber fill valve. This remains in place vertically while the water flows out of the tank and falls back into place when the tank is empty. While the tank is refilled, the weight of the water presses the flap down to sitting position.

Maladjusted Chain

If the chain connecting the flapper to the handle of the how toilets work is too short, you can avoid the trap falls to the bottom and make a seal. Sometimes the chain is hooked around the fill valve or snag on the float. In any case, the tank will continue to drain until fix. Unhook the chain of obstruction. To lengthen it, simply separate it from the handle, drop the flap and connect again to the chain is a little longer. Do not make it too long, or the cap when you press the lever will not lift.

Fin spent

Rubber fins tend to wear over time, and when this occurs, does not make a seal and the water leak out of the tank. If you cannot tell if the flap is in disrepair, put dye in the tank and see if it changes color in the how toilets work bowl. Replace a worn flapper is a fairly easy task, and cheap fins, so you do not have to let the leak continue. Closes over water, pull the chain disengages ears flap fill valve and disconnect the chain. Hook the new fill valve flapper, chain links and reopen the supply of water.

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