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How to replace and install toilet tank parts

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The most toilet tank parts correspond to general standards. Before you buy a kit for the toilet tank, see in a department store or hardware store to ensure that the kit fits properly yours. Complete kits replace tank water may be the best choice, especially to the period of time needed to perform the task. Following a basic procedure, you can replace the toilet tank parts in a half hour or less.


  1. Close the toilet lid and remove the ceramic top tank water.
  2. Close the supply valve to the water and place the plastic bucket under the hose connection to the tank supply ceramic. Download the toilet and hold the handle down to drain all water from the tank. Part of it will remain in the bottom of the tank due to the flange of the valve rubber download.
  3. Use the toilet tank parts of channel lock or pliers plumber and remove the supply hose water from the tank connection. Let the water flow into the bucket and put the hose so it does not obstruct your path.
  4. Loosens plastic large nut at the bottom of the input rod plastic feeds water in the toilet tank. You can use the pliers to loosen the nut, but ends up removing the plastic nut with your fingers. The rest of the water in the tank is drained once the nut is loose and the rod seal will break from the tank bottom. Let the entire water tank.
  5. Stem assembly removed from the tank by lifting the unit from inside the ceramic shell. A full set includes a filling valve, overflow tube and also the float which controls the quality of water inside the tank.
  6. Remove the flap valve, and then pull the string that is connected to the lift lever. New replacement kits are all inclusive and this part is usually included in the replacement set.
  7. Remove the replacement kit from the box and assembled the toilet tank parts as listed by the manufacturer on the package directions. Different manufacturers may have slightly different parts for assembly individually.
  8. Slide the new kit in place by inserting the stem into the hole in the bottom of the tank. Be sure to install the rubber gasket, is located inside the tank to seal the filling hole.
  9. Install the drive chain on the flap valve and test it by pushing the uprising. You may have to adjust length of the drive chain from the valve lever.

10. Install the supply hose water back into the flap valve and tighten with pliers. Turn the valve supplying water again and check for leaks.

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