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How to recycle old beach shower curtain

Aug 21, 2014 BY Leave a comment

Is it really possible to recycle or find a new use for it? Are you still for an old shower curtain? Sure. An old beach shower curtain can be used for all sorts of interesting things inside a house, a business or even in the garden. From children to fathers and mothers, everybody can participate in a simple project.


  1. Take your old beach shower curtain at garage or garden. Covers with it the woodpile outside, or fill it with dry leaves and branches piled easier to collect. Tie the curtain on your grill or place it on the table when you plant in pots. Cover your plants with it during cold weather or kills the grass leaving them covered. Place it as a barrier against the grass, put it into your pond or fountain as a coating or use it as a place to sit or kneel when working or playing outside.
  2. Use an old shower curtain on a family camping trip. Place it under the tent and sleeping bags or as a waterproof cover on picnic tables. You can also use one as a makeshift bag to put wet clothes beach. Take her to picnics when you make trips to have an emergency blanket rain. Cut old curtains in half and glue them together along to have a carpet on which to play with water when traveling. Place an old shower curtain under your canvas beach towels to prevent sand from penetrating the fabric.
  3. It retains a few beach shower curtain for all applications that find them inside the house. Cut larger and placed in a window curtain for added insulation in winter holes. Use shower curtains to sew bibs as big as you want, or make a liner for a baby diaper bag.
  4. Make crafts and home projects. Build a fort for the kids on a rainy day; make covers for school books or short beach shower curtain liner for the cat bed, dog or kids. Use shower curtains so when an older person is sick and hard to clean the mattress. You can also cover the sofa in the living room if you leave your pet alone in the house, or make a simple apron cutting it and when you do a project that mess.

We invite you to look at our 12 beach shower curtain in the photo gallery. Bound to find many ideas to adapt to yours.

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