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How to make a small shower and toilet sink combo

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Toilet sink combo – In the 1930s, before the invention of modern plumbing, most Americans bathed every two weeks in a basin filled manually. For 2007, the Environmental Protection Agency reported that 90% of Americans bathe daily. Today, even the RV (RV) has some sort of shower and toilet with the corresponding plumbing, according to Jim Tamely, full-time user and teacher of RVs and RV Now website owner. You can easily convert your existing system to a combo of shower and toilet sink combo, whether your trailer has only a toilet or shower or have preexisting separately.


  1. Decide the adjacent wall inside the motor home (preferably in or near the actual bath area) which will install the shower base for your combo of shower and toilet. Choose a design that best fits the size of the space you have chosen and which is compatible with the existing plumbing. The base of the shower in toilet sink combo usually has a minimum of 24 inches (60 cm) wide by 36-39 inches (90 to 97.5 cm) long.
  2. Remove any obstructions to the base of the shower floor in the immediate and adjacent walls. Make sure the floor surface is even and level before installation. Align the holes in the drain in the shower base drain any existing plumbing. Use a saw to make additional holes, expand existing holes or to change the location of the drain hole and accommodate the combo of shower and toilet as needed.
  3. Ensures holding tank sewage beneath the mobile home, Place it down the drain in the shower base, if you do not have one. Use an electric screwdriver to tighten the screws and open pipe wrench to secure the bolts to the tank. Secure the disc mount metal toilet that came with your new toilet to the floor of the shower base using an electric screwdriver or flat head screwdriver.
  4. Install the marine toilet joining him in accordance with the instructions using the hinges and screws. Toilet uniformly placed over the flange with the latter protruding through the bolt holes mount at the base of the flange. Install all washers and threads that come with the toilet. Tighten the threads evenly with a standard open end wrench 7/16 inch (1.10 cm).

5. Connect the water supply to the toilet and shower to water valves and fittings using appropriate extensions. Connect the water hose to the water outlet properly installed and often in trailers. Turn on the water and test the shower and toilet sink combo for leaks.

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