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How big for a custom shower curtains?

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If you are looking for a custom shower curtains that is the right size to hang on your bathtub, it’s helpful to know which are sold in standard sizes. The most common measures are designed to fit a bathtub 5 ft (150 cm), but you can also longer and wider to find.

Some different kinds of custom shower curtains require special measures. Enclosures for bathtubs and showers which are built straight into the walls might have curtains that hang upon the wall rather than the bar. During this case the outer curtain is much more decorative than functional, as you move the liner hanging rod only to stay water inside. These curtains are generally extra long and can also be secured with tie just like the curtains in the windows.

Standard shower curtains

Standard custom shower curtains are approximately 72 x 72 inches (183 x 183 cm) or 70 x 70 inch (178 x 178 cm), depending on the manufacturer. These curtains are designed to fit standard tubs 60 inches (152 cm) in length. Those 12 inches (30.5 cm) remain more make looser and can accommodate the edges in the bathtub.

Curtains for showers

The booths are spaces for the shower are separate from the bathtub. The custom shower curtains are made for shower enclosures are often as high as the standard, but somewhat narrower. Its dimensions are not as standardized as with bathtub and, for that reason, you will find them in different sizes. If you travel like some stores you find shower curtains for 36, 42 and 54 inches (91, 107 and 137 cm) wide and 72 or 78 inches (183 and 198 cm) tall. Because of these variations, it is important that you measure the opening of your good shower before going to buy the curtain.

Extra wide and extra long

The setup requires some showers or baths buying extra wide and extra long curtains. Those that are wider than usual are made thinking about claw foot tubs, as they are broad enough to surround them completely. The extra long curtains are often used in bedrooms and locker rooms. Although these extra sizes are not as easy to find as normal there. You may have to get them to do a special order or buy at a store on the Internet.

Custom sizes

If you cannot find the exact size you need, you can ask to make a custom shower curtains. A decorator can perform this task for you, but you can also ask for a manufacturer who specializes in making custom sizes. Even you may also have vinyl coatings that conform to these measures.

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