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How a shower diverter valve of a hot wor

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Even professional plumbers catalogs and consult the manufacturer’s documentation to organize the vast array of accessories for showers and tubs. Shower diverter valve and cartridges come in various combinations of the accessories conventional shower. Adding to the confusion, most of the components are specific to a particular model faucet. Whether you’re designing a new bathroom or repairing an existing device, an understanding of the sets of taps will prepare you to buy the parts and make a plan for a successful installation.

  1. What is a bypass valve from a tub?

A shower diverter valve for a tub is a small device that is included in the plumbing bathtubs / showers average being installed in most modern homes. The exact form may vary from spa to spa, but when activated, instead of the bathtub faucet pour water, the shower head from the shower is turned on. This depends on the structure of the plumbing of the tub and is cheaper than creating two separate fixtures, which require two separate tubes.

  1. How the diverter valve works a bathtub?

Basically, pipe water main starts going to the bathroom in the bathtub faucet and then runs vertically to connect the same way to the shower above the tap. When the tap is turned on, the water runs into the first port and flows into the tub. Because the bath is on, there is no pressure in the water to force the water in pipe upwards, against gravity, to engage the artichoke shower. When you want to use the shower, still you will open the tap, but then going to tap the switch above the key, which is connected to the shower diverter valve to the tub. The valve is returned within the pipes, blocking the bathtub faucet, which forces the water to go up to the shower instead.

  1. How do I check a bypass valve from a tub to see if it has problems?

Diversion valves can age a bathtub and eventually have to be replaced as they corrode internally. When this happens, the pressure of water from the shower will be low and the water sporadically switch between the bathtub and the shower randomly. The only way to diagnose this is to unscrew the shower head from the pipe in the wall and then open the water to the shower. If the water comes out without any problem, means that the showerhead shower or shower hose is clogged. If the water still comes to intermittent streams, then it means that the shower diverter valve needs to be replaced, which is a job to be done by a professional plumber.

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