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Double Wide Mobile Home Floor Plans That Give Spacious Look

Jul 26, 2014 BY Leave a comment

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Double wide mobile home floor plans are indeed easier than the single one because the provided size or dimension to arrange and manage each room in the mobile home is wider and bigger. When you aim for this plan, of course that you will have many options for getting the more spacious look for the whole elements in your home.

Even these plans fit for appromixately 5 bedrooms and three bathrooms for each plan, if you have smaller numbers of family, then go with 4 bedroom double wide mobile home floor plans which let you have bigger size for other rooms because the reduced number of bedroom for your own plans. It shows that the plans are easily adjusted depend on your needs and lifestyles.

Double wide mobile home floor plans are always great to have movable home for large number or family. You just need to allocate the rooms well by contributing the spaces equally to all rooms and adjust it by considering the usage frequency of the rooms. Since the available spaces are wider especially it is double from the single wide which usually comes with 16 feet in width and 48 – 76 feet long, then it will be easier.

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